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Acuity maintains a laser-tight focus on providing our customers with the best professional services experience available. Our resources are given the time and tools to understand technology at a mastery level, our project managers are given the authority to make timely and appropriate decisions to benefit our customers, and our ownership understands that only our customer's successes can drive our success.


Acuity is a privately owned business headquartered in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Our management has experience ranging across global consulting firms, small business management, healthcare, mass-market education firms, and transportation.


Acuity is governed by a set of values that bind our resources as a team and promote trust and confidence in our customers. We consider this set of values the foundation for our success.

Our Values

IntegrityAcuity as both a business and a group of quality individuals adhere to strict business and personal ethical standards.
HonestyWe say what we mean, and we stand by what we say.
CommitmentOur people and our customers make us successful. We pledge they will always come first.

Diversity in teams and partners creates unique strengths. Acuity will never disciminate against race, gender, age, culture, or socioeconomic circumstance.

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