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Acuity specializes in Software AG/webMethods and SAP project solutions.

Architecture Design Services

The goal of our architecture practice is to make complex infrastructures and product solutions readily understandable to management, and ready for implementation by project and client teams.

We do this by reviewing existing architecture, understanding integration issues with legacy and existing systems, and having expert knowledge in the new product domain.

Most importantly, we never forget that technology is not implemented for technology's sake; rather it is implemented to meet a business need and must show ROI.

webMethods Integration Services

Integration projects always pose interesting challenges, both at technology and business levels. Overcoming those challenges of legacy integration, adapter technologies, SOA, messaging architectures, and process integration are where Acuity excels.

Performance and Troubleshooting Services

Our performance practice handles performance engineering consulting to ensure that existing and newly implemented architectures are guaranteed to perform.

We provide architecture assessment, perform "Go Live" reviews, help select tuning and load tools, and perform troubleshooting/performance analysis.

On time and on budget: Acuity delivers.

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