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Companies initiating technology projects want more than an expert consultant - they want an expert consultant who has the communication skills to help make their team member experts. Acuity guides your team through demonstration of best practices, specialized knowledge, and real-world experience - while completing project tasks together.

Classroom Delivery

Acuity retains employee and contract instructors with experience and deep knowledge in many technology domains. Our instructors have real-world implementation experience and are fluent and comfortable in front of crowds of any size and corporate level.

Courseware Development

Our talented and experienced courseware developers are available to architect and author course materials for our technology vendor customers. Our development offering is complete: including agendas, instructor guides, slides, student notes, exercise/lab guides, and complete solutions.

Are You a Software Company?

Technology firms often overlook the education department, not realizing the significant sources of revenue that education can generate for them. More than most lines of business, however, education can be subject to seasonal fluctuations that make it difficult to train and retain experienced and knowledgeable instructors and developers. Acuity can help!

On time and on budget: Acuity delivers.

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